1 Bottle Lemon Bitters

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1 bottle Lemon bitters, 30 mL/1 fluid ounce, 50% ABV

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Our Lemon bitters have up front flavors of fresh lemon and ginger root and back notes of goji berries. This flavor is sure to ignite your taste buds and spruce up your cocktails! Lemon bitters are made without any artificial flavorings or coloring in small batches.

Lemon bitters work very well with gin, vodka, based cocktails. Lemon bitters are also fantastic in whiskey based cocktails like the whiskey sour and hot toddy!

This bitter is a non-potable beverage with 50% ABV. Adults over the age of 21 may purchase this product. Our lemon bitters are bottled with a dropper for precise measurements and bottled at 30ml/1 fluid ounce.



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  1. Tammy K.

    needed a citrus flavor to punch up my gin and tonics, these are so good thank you!

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