3 Pack of Citrus Bitters


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This 3 pack includes one bottle each of Spiced Orange, Lime and Lemon bitters. Below are the flavor profiles for each:

Spiced Orange: With upfront notes of oranges and cinnamon and back notes of other citrus and bourbon vanilla, this bitter is fantastic in whisk(e)y, based drinks, however this flavor goes well with many different spirits and cocktails.

Lime: This is the brightest citrus flavor we offer! The upfront flavor is fresh lime, and back notes of bing cherries, this bitter goes well with any clear spirited cocktail such as vodka, gin and tequila, however goes very well with many whiskey and rum based drinks as well.

Lemon: With up front flavors of lemon peel and ginger root and back notes of goji berries this bitter pairs well with clear spirited cocktails like vodka, gin and tequila, however also pairs very well with many whiskey cocktails such as the Manhattan, and the Whiskey Sour.

Each bottle contains 30ml of bitters and topped with a dropper style cap to ensure exact measuring into your drinks. I personally hand label, and write the bottle number and batch number on each and every label of bitters.

Each bitter contains 55% ABV and is a non-potable beverage. All adults aged 21 years age or older may purchase this product. Thank you for looking at this listing and our shop! We make each flavor in small batches and never use any artificial flavorings or dyes in any of our products!


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